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Six good reasons to use Beehive services

International Organization

Our services are not outsourced. We are
based both in the UK, Asia and can offer a
first-class service at offshore rates.

Perfect for your repetitive tasks

We often manage work that is essential
but mundane, allowing you to focus on the more
important aspects of your business.

Cost effective Workforce

A cost-effective local workforce can be hard to find,
offshore everyone wins. resources are well paid and our
clients benefit from the difference in economies.

Data Entry, Cleaning, Mining & Research

These are just some of the services we perform for
our clients. Look at our case histories for more
detailed information on what we offer.

GDPR concerns addressed

Our resources are trained in GDPR procedures,
However, if you prefer, keep your data local and we’ll
work via a remote connection.

Welfare of our Resources

Even though we offer competitive rates, we don’t
neglect our resources. We ensure that staff salaries and
conditions meet the highest possible standards.

Using more of our resources
and services, gives you much
better rates.

Whilst the cost per resource per month is very advantageous,
we can drive down cost, the more resources and services that
you engage.


Some Case Histories

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Executive Placement
What did we do for a local recruitment company?

Here, we were tasked with identifying existing candidates for an executive placement bureau. Sometimes we were given the name and job title, sometimes just the job title. For almost all combinations were able to successfully identify candidates in the given database and then used LinkedIn, RocketReach and other tools to extract and promote around 200 records per day.

Prescription Data
What have we done in the medical industry?

We update prescription and repeat prescription data for a drug company so that the US government can track aspects of the medicines and the progress of insured patients.

E-Commerce Website
How do we maintain our client’s e-commerce website?

We have an e-commerce client with a huge range of products and prices that require us to add new products, update existing product price information, and export specific lists for their scrutiny and amendments.

Post Office / Direct Mail
How does the post office use our services?

Parcel and package delivery, given the target destination, depending on size, weight, and courier company. We use pre-written software to find the least cost-routing journey for each consignment for a major delivery service.